Thou Shalt Not Hate

Directed by Mauro Mancini

Witnessing a hit-and-run accident, Jewish surgeon Simone rushes to save the victim’s life. Upon noticing the man’s swastika tattoo, however, Simone leaves him to die. Haunted by guilt, he hires the man’s daughter Marcia as his new cleaner and they get close. Vehemently opposing their burgeoning relationship at first, Marcia’s white supremacist brother is forced to confront his blind hatred when Simone is called to save his life. A gripping study of the devastating effects of far-right ideology in Italy today.

Part of the 25th anniversary edition of the UK Jewish Film Festival.

Translated title:
Non Odiare


Full English

105 minutes

Country of origin:
Italy and Poland

Year of production:

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