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The Waldheim Waltz + Q&A

Shocking allegations about his Nazi past did not prevent Kurt Waldheim, former UN Secretary-General, from comfortably winning the 1986 Austrian presidential elections. Director Ruth Beckermann brings together private and public film footage from the ’70s and ’80s, which provides a disturbing exploration of one of Europe’s key political figures of the post-Second World War period. Most of all they reveal a country in fierce denial about its past, and determined to hold onto its self-perception as a victim of the war. A must-see for this year’s Jewish Film Festival.

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There will be a Q&A with director Ruth Beckermann following this screening.


Ruth Beckermann is a writer and filmmaker. She was born and raised in Vienna, where she also studied before moving to Tel Aviv and New York. She co-founded the distribution company Filmladen in 1978. Her film The Dreamed Ones was selected for many international festivals and won several awards