The Twilight Samurai

Directed by Yoji Yamada

This is indeed the year of the Samurai – from Hollywood (LAST SAMURAI) and Miramax (KILL BILL) to Kitano’s (ZATOICHI) and this latest release (Japan’s Oscar nominee) the genre is being re-explored, re-vamped and revered. TWILIGHT SAMURAI quietly blends its stunning swordplay scenes into a more humanistic, reflective tale. Based on stories by Shuhei Fujisawa, it follows a low-ranking samurai nicknamed ‘Twilight’ (Sanada) because he rushes home each night rather than stay drinking with his peers. But Seibei has responsibilities – two young daughters and a senile mother left in his care following the death of his wife. The reappearance of an old flame and an assassination assignment will change his life and cause him to question the very code that defines his existence. Yamada’s first samurai film won a dozen Japanese academy awards for the veteran director of the popular Tora San series.

129 minutes

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