The Trespasser

Directed by Beto Brant

A gritty, nihilistic thriller about life in Sao Paulo, THE TRESPASSER pits the corruption of the capitalistic privileged classes against the streetwise savvy of the ghetto-bred. A couple of businessmen decide to ‘eliminate’ a third partner in order to free themselves from his control. Hitman Anisio prefers to take up the recently vacated position, strutting round the offices, seducing the deceased’s daughter, and wreaking havoc between the remaining pair. Shot on handheld DV, this twisted morality tale follows the menacing Anisio through the dark underbelly of the city and the posh homes and offices with an edgy energy set to a pulsating soundtrack of Brazilian rap and nu metal. ‘A slice of Latin American cinema as raw as a gaping bullet wound with a take-no-prisoners attitude.’

97 minutes

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