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The Tenth Victim

A flamboyant, futuristic fantasy in the 1960s pop-art, Sci-Fi vein of Barbarella and Modesty Blaise, Petri’s late-night cult classic is set in a 21st century where war and aggression have been replaced by a game of legalised murder called ‘The Big Hunt.’  Marcello Mastroianni and sex goddess Ursula Andress star as computer-selected contestants of this deadly televised spectacle. She is out to make him her tenth victim in the contest, but romance inevitably intervenes. Legendary in part for Andress’s lethal double-barrelled brassiere, this lurid satire lampoons media and advertising, faddish 1960s religions and health trends and the obsession with fame and money.

The Tenth Victim and Late August at the Hotel Ozone are part of a UK touring programme of cult and artists’ Sci-Fi, curated by film-maker Ben Rivers and presented by CINECITY for Film Hub South East.