The Princess and the Warrior

Directed by Tom Tykwer

Like his previous film RUN LOLA RUN, Tykwer’s romance-thriller brims with cinematic innovation and energy but PRINCESS has a more traditional narrative take in its exploration of the power of fate. Sissi (LOLA’s Potente) is a nurse working in a psychiatric hospital who¹s adored by her patients but remains aloof from life. Bodo (Fürmann) is an unemployed, emotionally unstable ex-soldier. One day their paths collide when Bodo dramatically saves Sissi’s life and then disappears. The search for her saviour will lead Sissi into danger. Working with many of the actors and team of his previous films, Tykwer fashions a highly stylised, visually dazzling paean to the redemptive power of love. As with LOLA, Tykwer’s soundtrack is key, featuring vocals by Skin of Skunk Anansie and Beth Hirsch.

135 minutes

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