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The Pebble and The Boy

When John Parker’s estranged father is knocked off his scooter and killed in an accident, John finds himself inheriting a home dominated by memories of him in the shape of Paul Weller memorabilia.

Inspired by the album track of the same name, The Pebble and the Boy is a modern-day road trip of discovery for 19-year-old John who sets off on an eventful journey from Manchester on his late father’s Lambretta to scatter the dead man’s ashes into the sea in Brighton, spiritual home of the Mods.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Promised Land

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners are delighted to premier their latest and most ambitious music video for the track, Promised Land, (by Joe Smooth, covered by Mr Wilson’s Second Liners). The video was directed by the band’s artistic director, Sonya Moorhead and filmed and edited by Nick Farrimond and stars Anna Phylactic as well as guest cameos from the wider Mr Wilson’s team.

It pays homage to Massive Attack’s iconic music video for Unfinished Sympathy which remains a benchmark in short film today, 30 years since its first release. Filmed chronologically, in real-time and using long, continuous shots; Mr Wilson’s mimicked a similar docu-fiction style, realising their ambition to fill Manchester’s rain-soaked streets with post-pandemic fun and colour.

Screening with The Pebble and The Boy from Fri 27 Aug – Thu 2 September.