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The Other Side of Hope + Proceeds to We Love Mcr Emergency Fund

The latest from Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki may be his greatest. The film tells the story of two characters: Khaled, a Syrian refugee-seeking asylum in Helsinki and Wikström, a former shirt salesman, poker player and restaurateur. Through kindness and desperation, the two come together. Funny, tender and brilliantly political, the film also has grace and subtlety. And some kick ass rock and roll. An incredibly timely work that looks at the current situation in Europe and the rise of the far right, it also features a beautiful cast of supporting players in line with the director’s establishing of off-kilter micro communities. There is of course also a great dog. A work that demonstrates that the world could and should be a better place.

Ready to explore The Other Side of Hope? We reviewed the film in our May film podcast. Listen from the 0.30 mark…

Event details

All ticket sales from the screening of The Other Side of Hope on Fri 2 Jun at 20:20 will be donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund (for more information see the website). The fund will support people who have been injured or bereaved by the attack at the Manchester Arena.

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