The Offering

Directed by Ventura Durall

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Jan, mysterious and marked by a profound sense of guilt, tries to win back the love of his ex Violeta, who is now a psychiatrist, with a family of her own. Jan’s complex and perverse plan to reunite him with Violeta, 20 years after the events that led to their separation, will have severe consequences.

“The Offering is a powerful tale reminiscent of Greek tragedies that is both beautiful in its execution and painful in its exploration of the deep, dark parts of humanity. It is an inescapable film, as we often blur the boundaries between the good, the ugly and the necessary to move forward in life with an unburdened heart.”  Loud and Clear

“Simultaneously sensual and unsettling, The Offering is an exploration into the darker side of yearning, and will have you in Durall’s palm until the very bitter ending.” The Hollywood News

Translated title:

Catalan, English, French and Spanish

Full English

111 minutes

Country of origin:
Spain and Switzerland

Year of production: