The Nameless

Directed by Jaume Balagueró

Based upon the novel by local author Ramsey Campbell, this nightmarish horror film is the deft début feature from young Catalan director Balagueró. Shot in and around Barcelona, this low-budget sleeper hit follows the hallowed tradition of previous Spanish purveyors of terror but adds a distinctly millennial edge. Five years after the murder of her daughter, a mother (Vilarasau) suddenly starts to receive phone-calls in her daughter’s voice. Believing that she must still be alive, the woman recruits a detective (Elejalde) to aid her in her search. Together, they are pulled into a dark vortex of pure evil. Balagueró has a sure touch with the genre, creating a shadowy and sinister atmosphere from first frame to last. We are pleased to welcome director Jaume Balagueró and author of the original novel Ramsey Campbell to the screening on Friday 24 March.

102 minutes

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