The Little Republic

Directed by Anwar Jamal

EUROPEAN PREMIERE In this remote village of Rajasthan, water is worth its weight in gold. Tired of endlessly digging wells while the high caste men argue the days away, four strong-willed women decide to take action and start a difficult journey that could bring a pipeline to their village. Anwar Jamal’s film brilliantly captures a silent revolution – the political awakening of Indian women. The village and its struggle become a microcosm of democracy. A scene where male members of the workers’ party discuss oppression and exploitation while a veiled woman is waiting to serve them tea is typically priceless. Shot entirely on location in Rajasthan, the lavishly photographed film is also a feast for the eyes. “My film is an act of faith in the power of grassroots democracy, in the resilience of women, and in the indomitable strength of those called the low caste” – Anwar Jamal Playing with: BIRJU (Dir: Heeraz Marfatia, India, 2002, 35mm, 15min)

90 minutes

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