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The Lighthouse

Director Robert Eggers follows up his 2015 folk-horror debut The Witch with another eerie period tale.

Set in the 1890s, the film stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as lighthouse keepers battling the elements, isolation, inner demons and possibly some form of mythical supernatural force during a four-week posting on a rocky Maine island.

Atmospherically shot in black-and-white, this is strange, scary, funny and very much a perfectly-formed world unto itself, making for a unique horror experience.


Short film screening alongside this feature film: Mrs. Rellik

A short film by HOME’s BFI Film Academy 8 that follows a naive detective as he investigates a series of disappearances in a small village and is led to the door of the seemingly sweet-natured Mrs Rellik.

HOME’s BFI Film Academy 8 took place between Oct-Dec 2019 and consisted of 18 young people aged 16-19. The academy covers everything from practical filmmaking to film theory, programming, distribution and certification. It involves approximately 80 hours of training over 2 months and participants are guided through each stage by a team of industry professionals. As part of the project the group created a short fiction film and were involved with the entire process from concept to post-production. The short film production was sponsored by Blackmagic Design.

Screening with The Lighthouse from Fri 31 Jan.