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The Heiresses + Intro

Chela and Chiquita are a long-term couple. Extroverted Chiquita is responsible for managing their life together; Chela on the other hand is reluctant to leave the house. When Chiquita is sent to prison for debt, Chela is suddenly left on her own and discovers a sense of self, independence and desire providing a taxi service for some new-found friends. Exploring the outside world as tentatively and carefully as its heroine, director Marcelo Martinessi increasingly trains the film’s gaze on a social strata that is strangely cut-off from reality and the conditions endured by many others in the country. Deftly performed, it’s a film that manages to be moving, intimate and socially resonant.

Our review of The Heiresses can be heard below in the August Film Podcast…

Event details

The screening at 18:30 on Wed 22 August will be introduced by Dr Monica Pearl, Lecturer in 20th Century American Literature at the University of Manchester.