The Eye

Directed by Danny & Oxide Pang

The Brothers Pang follow up their stylised hit-man pic BANGKOK DANGEROUS with a different walk on the wild side – an atmospheric thriller-cum-ghost story that centres upon a young woman with a special talent – or curse? 20-year-old Hong Kong resident Mun has been blind for 18 years until a corneal transplant revives her sight, only to see more than she expected. Desperate to rid herself of the phantoms, Mun takes drastic action. Like the best ghost stories, THE EYE builds spine-tingling suspense through suggestion and sound, ratcheting up the tension. Thoroughly creepy, eerily effective, and a huge hit in Hong Kong; it’s not surprising to hear that the U.S. remake rights have been bought by the same company who remade ABRE LOS OJOS and co-produced THE OTHERS. Be sure to see the original before it’s too late.

99 minutes

Country of origin:
Hong Kong and Thailand

Year of production: