The Eight Mountains

Directed by Felix Van Groeningen & Charlotte Vandermeersch

The Eight Mountains is the story of a friendship; of boys and men who try to erase the footprints of their fathers, but who always end up returning home.

Pietro is a boy from the city, Bruno is the last child of a forgotten mountain village. Over the years Bruno remains faithful to his mountain, while Pietro is the one who comes and goes. Their encounters introduce them to love and loss, reminding them of their origins, letting their destinies unfold, as Pietro and Bruno discover what it means to be true friends for life.

"This is a movie with air in its lungs and love in its heart"

The Guardian

"A deserving Jury Prize winner at Cannes with mountain-sized performances...a worthwhile hike"

The Irish Times


The Times

"As beautiful in its visuals as it is poetic in its homage to friendship"

Little White Lies

"Soars on incredible performances and breath-taking cinematography"

Time Out

147 minutes

Translated title:
Le otto montagne


Full English

Country of origin:
Belgium, France and Italy

Year of production: