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The Day Shall Come

Based on 100 true stories, the explosive new film from Chris Morris (Brass Eye, Four Lions) is an emotionally gripping, laugh-out-loud thriller that exposes the dark farce at the heart of the homeland security project: it is harder to catch a real terrorist than it is to manufacture your own. Co-scripted by Jesse Armstrong (In The Loop, Peep Show).


  • Morris, who’s always avoided the easy road, has instead crafted a knotty, unlikely, humane farce.

    - Guardian
  • What starts out as an abrasive satire about US federal agents trying to make up their quota of neutralised homeland security risks ends as something unexpectedly profound and sad.

    - Screen Daily
  • The film represents another leap forward for the satirist, who has had a long career in the U.K. but whose work may always remain too biting to find broad success Stateside.

    - Hollywood Reporter