The Confidence Man JP: The Movie

Confidence man – a person who swindles others by means of a confidence game. Dako, Boku-chan, Richard and Igarashi are professional con men whose ambitions are larger than life and reach far beyond Japan. Setting their sights on a legendary diamond said to be in the possession of ruthless Hong Kong mafia queen, Ran Riu, they attempt a heist using their best abilities.

However, when a new player enters the game – the devilishly handsome conman, Jessie – their best laid plans may be derailed. Throw a Japanese yakuza with a personal grudge into the mix and the story really picks up the pace! Who will win the game in the end?

As hilarious as it is entertaining, this dizzying tale of con men, mobsters, and a grand heist, with a dash of personal intrigue, is sure to delight the whole family! An original story adapted from the hit TV drama series of the same name.

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Translated title:
Confidence man JP Romance Hen


Full English

126 minutes

Country of origin:

Year of production: