The Best of Youth: Part 1

Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana

Giordana meshes the personal and the political in this masterly epic of the Italian Carati family, from the late 60s through the present day, set against the crucial events in Italian history. The film focuses on two brothers. Slender, intense Nicola (Lo Cascio) will become a psychiatrist. His hunky, brooding brother Matteo (Boni), a scholar of religious poetry, makes a career as a cop. From the Florence floods through the anti-globalisation demonstrations, from idealistic youth to disillusioned marriage, the film chronicles with a breathtaking sweep, wit, and intelligence. Amongst other awards, BEST OF YOUTH swept the Donatellos (Italy’s Oscars) and has won audience prizes at both the Rotterdam and Palm Springs Film Festivals.

185 minutes

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