The Barbarian Invasions

Directed by Denys Arcand

This witty, tender and intelligent drama-comedy reunites the ‘wonderfully odd characters’ from Arcand’s 1986 hit THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE a quarter of a century later. Leftie university professor Rémy (Girard) loved women, language and literature. Now divorced and in his fifties, he finds himself hospitalised. His ex-wife Louise (Berryman) summons his estranged son Sébastien (Rousseau) from his London financial world. The father detests all that his son stands for; the son resents his father for deserting him and his mother. Yet Sébastien re-assembles his father’s old friends and lovers to support him. The world has changed. Can their friendship remain the same? Winner of the Best Actress and Best Screenplay awards at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival and Canada’s submission for this year’s Foreign Language Oscar.

99 minutes

Country of origin:
Canada and France

Year of production: