The Assassination of Richard Nixon

Directed by Niels Mueller

An asterisk on the tumultuous history of 1974, Sam Byck was a misfit and furniture salesman who wanted to rid the world of Tricky Dicky by hijacking a plane and crashing it into the White House. His attempt failed, but following more recent events, his story has been unearthed, with his name changed to Bicke (to more closely resemble a certain Travis Bickle’s?) in this directorial début, midwifed by Alexander Payne, Alfonso Cuaron and Leonardo DiCaprio. And who better to play the failed assassin than licensed Hollywood leftie Sean Penn? Evoking the paranoia of the period, the film succeeds as a creepy, nearly nauseating portrait of American loserdom, with a few good digs at sales culture to boot.COMPETITION Win posters for THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON which have been signed by the film’s director Niels Mueller. For a chance to win one of these signed posters please answer the following question:What is the name of the character played by Sean Penn in THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON?Please email your answers and details to: with THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON COMPETITION in the subject heading. The deadline for competition entries is Fri 22 Apr.

95 minutes

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