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The Angels’ Share

Award-winning and prolific filmmaker Ken Loach returns with this bittersweet comedy set in Glasgow, penned by long-time writing collaborator Paul Laverty.

Narrowly escaping a prison sentence, new dad Robbie is given one last chance and he vows to turn over a new leaf to pave the way for his son. Whilst serving his community service order, Robbie and his friends are inspired by a trip to whisky distillery to plan a money-making scheme which will hopefully offer them an unlikely chance at redemption and counteract the boredom of unemployment. The Angels’ Share received its world premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2012 where it got a great reaction in the Palais. This humanistic and warm tale is sure to charm Loach enthusiasts and gain him many more fans.

Play it Again Staff Recommendation

Even though we only had one entry from a British director in competition at Cannes this year, I can at least say that Ken Loach has done us proud. The Angels’ Share was billed as a comedy – something of a departure for Loach – and it works perfectly: there are laughs, both big and small, to be found here. However, sections of the movie are harrowing to watch, and although sympathetic Loach does not delude himself about his characters and their traits. This is immensely entertaining and heartfelt cinema and it is a truly gifted craftsman who can blend this with the grittier side of life while never straying into cloying sentimentality or cheap, cheesy dialogue. >>read more
James Martin, Cornerhouse LiveWire Young Film Critic