A tasty selection of Spanish shorts. Note: Not running order Clases de Ruso (Dir José Antonio Bonet, 2002, 21 mins) A blind date between a solitary man and a beautiful, mysterious stranger. Listen out for the mention of Manchester! El Apagón (Dir José María Caro, 2001, 12.5 mins) In an operating theatre the participants are poised to begin. Until the blackout halts proceedings, revealing all. A star-studded cast contributes to this provocative short. Onan Onan’s father has warned him that certain behaviour won’t lead to blindness, but to an equally bad result. Of course the boy has to test the theory. Tercero B (Dir José Mari Goenaga, 2002, 18 mins) A chance encounter on a Basque beach leads to an unexpected situation involving a short man, a timid ‘spinster’, and an overbearing mother.

90 minutes