Directed by Marley Morrison

No 17-year-old dreams of spending a week with their family in a British Seaside Holiday Park. For socially conscious AJ, planning a gap year trip to knit jumpers for elephants is much more appealing. Yet, she finds herself on a four-hour car journey to the Dorset coast with her mum Tina and little sister Dayna. Her mum is determined to spend quality time with her little sweetheart before she flies the nest. Joined by pregnant sister Lucy and Lucy’s boyfriend Steve, AJ expects this to be ‘a week of hell’.

That is, until she lays her eyes on the resident lifeguard Isla and is instantly infatuated. Winner of the audience award at the Glasgow Film Festival, Sweetheart captures the ups and downs of the quintessential British family holiday.


128 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: