Spit That Out 2020: North West Artist Film Programme

Discover a selection of recent work from artists who are living in, working in, hailing from or have studied across the North West. The showcase has been curated by Bren O’Callaghan from open-call submissions to celebrate the innovative and bold moving image works being made across the region.

The programme includes

Alone, Together by Laura Besancon (2018, 7 mins)
Alone, Together is a participatory live work & collaboration with residents living in a high-rise, which utilises letters, light and music as the base of communication and creation.
Letters are sent, inviting residents to listen to a particular song, at a particular time on a particular night, and to play with their lights to the beat of the music, improvising in any way they wish.

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise by Chloë Brown (2018, 10 mins)
Conceived in response to Sheffield’s proud history as a city known for its political activism, and more especially as the city where the UK’s first women’s suffrage organisation was founded in 1851, artist filmmaker Chloë Brown questions the systematic contemporary and historical silencing of woman’s voices.
The film was shot on location in Paradise Square in Sheffield and was produced by an all-female cast and crew. A Soft Rebellion in Paradise proposes a powerful invocation, a call-to-arms for the voices of women to be heard.

I, Dismantled by Paul Daly and produced by Scout Stuart (2020, 9 mins)
I, Dismantled is a series of five domestic vignettes that drawn from the artist’s experiences and memories of growing up working-class in Britain.
Each individual, moving portrait is a sensitive and at times surreal exploration that walks a fine line between documentary truth and poetic interpretation.
A brand new HOME Artist Film commission for Push Festival 2020

WANTED: MANICURE FOR THE RIGHT HAND by Lowri Evans (2018, 3 mins)
“On my last day of being thirty-four I sat on a bridge in the centre of Sao Paulo and waited for someone to cut the nails on my right hand. I was having problems with my husband, he left home and took the nail clippers with him. I had no one to cut my nails at home, and the nail scissors could only be used by a right hand. So I went out into the city to see if someone would help. I sat amongst umbrella sellers and fortune tellers, each of us with our wares set out in front of us.”

Interlude by Aaron Howell (2019, 5 mins)
A fragmented vision of the body moving through time, this animation explores timelines of passing, meeting and physically poetic moments of contact. Sometimes the constant notion of moving forward through time can blind us from the fickle present and the freedom to become lost within it.

1000tb by Tobias Pearson (2019, 3 mins)
Applying Dada poetry principles to collaging, selecting random imagery, which would be the basis of the narrative for the final film. A university submission for his degree in Fashion Image Making and Styling at Salford University.

Home Soon Come by Hope Strickland (2020, 22 mins)
Home Soon Come is part of an on-going project with the elderly Caribbean community in South Manchester. The film plays between archival footage of the Caribbean islands, domestic spaces in Manchester and scenes shot in a day centre for the Caribbean elderly. It is a film that sits between past and present, with an emphasis on memory-placing through the people around us and what it means to find ourselves at home.