Soft Shell Man

Directed by André Turpin

An emotionally immature underwater photographer returns home to an affair with his best friend’s deaf girlfriend and unresolved issues with the wife he left six months before. Paralysed by his need to be liked, Alex can’t help hurting the people he loves. Forget everything you know about romantic comedies and their cardboard cut-out characters. Alex is a fantastic creation, a complex, conflicted protagonist, profoundly human yet truly out of this world. A self-destructive optimist, a naïve Don Juan, an accidental drug dealer with possibly self-imposed amnesia, he can’t say no to anyone, not even himself. Turpin’s beautiful aquamarine photography, exotic locations and drop-dead-gorgeous cast make up the lush background to this stunning, unpredictable film. “Andre Turpin, innovative lenser behind the gorgeous Quebec hit Maelstrom (CFF 2002), delivers a striking tour de force.” – Variety Official selection Sundance Film Festival 2003.

102 minutes

Country of origin:
Canada and Canada (Quebec)