Typical of a Betty Comden and Adolph Green script, in Singin’ in the Rain the spontaneous nature of musical performance is hamstrung by the introduction of technology, here the development of sound in the film industry. Harnessing the skill and energy of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Conner and containing some of the musical film’s most famous numbers, Singin’ in the Rain is a one of the greatest Hollywood films of all time.

This film is one of our Staff Picks! Read on to find out what HOME’s very own have to say…

Musicals! HOME Staff Pick: Cat Butler, Usher (Front of House team)

“My mum loves Gene Kelly, and introduced me to his films from a young age. Singin’ in the Rain has always been a favourite. Donald O’Connor’s Make ‘em Laugh is my absolute favourite musical number, a masterclass in slapstick comedy and physical stunts.”

Musicals! HOME Staff Pick: Claire Dorsett, Publications Assistant and Box Office Assistant

“Watching Singin’ in the Rain led me to make a large scale room painting of a spotlight… I saw the part of the film where Cyd Charisse (in her emerald green flapper dress) and Gene Kelly are dancing in a giant pink café singing Gotta Dance! and realised that most of the set had been hand-painted, and that, in essence, they were dancing in a massive painting. It blew my tiny mind.”

Screening as part of BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen, a UK-wide film season supported by National Lottery, BFI Film Audience Network and ICO. 

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