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Short Films Panorama

This selection showcases the versatility and scope of contemporary animation. A mixture of techniques, storytelling and platforms, this panorama represents the breadth of animation, to be enjoyed by all. Films screening in this selection are:

Rhapsody in Pink
Bram Mondy, Belgium, 2015, 14 mins

Empty Space
Ülo Pikkov, Estonia, 2016, 11 mins

Trial & Error
Antje Heyn, Germany, 2016, 5 mins

The Empty
Dahee Jeong, France, 2016, 9 mins

Black Barbie
Comfort Arthur, Ghana, 2016, 4 mins

Francisco Gusso & Pedro Giongo, Brazil, 2016, 14 mins

Shakespeare in Shorts: Romeo and Juliet
Zane Whittingham, GB, 2016, 3 mins

City of Roses
Andrew Kavanagh, Ireland, 2015, 9 mins