Directed by Len Collin

Sanctuary balances humour and seriousness as it follows a group of adults with intellectual disabilities, who break free from an unusually lax supervisor on a pre-Christmas outing. Beautifully maintaining a delicate line between credibility and sensitivity, the film casts experienced actors and performers from the Galway-based Blue Teapot Theatre Company.

★★★★ “Aided by their care worker, a couple in love embark on an illegal tryst in an unsentimental romcom played with terrific gentleness and honesty.” – Guardian

★★★★ “Christian O’Reilly’s screenplay combines elements from the typical feelgood drama with harsher insights into the lives of the protagonists.” – Independent

★★★★ “A devastating conclusion leaves us with an aching sadness and some quite profound questions about the basic human right to love the person we choose.” – Observer

★★★★ “The charm, honesty and gently woebegone jokes are what win you.” – Financial Times

★★★★ “This deft delight resolutely refuses to patronise the performers or the audience. It has a sincerity, wit and compassion that recalls Justin Edgar’s 2005 short film Special People.” – Radio Times

★★★★ “O’Reilly’s script has been written around the actors so the ensemble is particularly strong.” – The Irish Times

★★★★ “It’s a long overdue look at an important subject, it’s brave but surprisingly light and funny.” Sunday Independent (Ireland)

★★★★ “Sanctuary balances humour and seriousness, as it follows a group of adults with intellectual disabilities, who break free from an unusually lax supervisor on a pre-Christmas Galway outing.” – RTE (Ireland)

★★★★ “A compassionate tale of people whose stories are largely ignored by mainstream cinema, the movie doesn’t make any moral demands or bring about a call to action. And yet, in its own unobtrusive way, Sanctuary is an affecting film that deserves an audience.” – The Upcoming

★★★★ “The kind of affecting comedy-drama that can actually change attitudes.” – Shadows on the Wall

“The film’s representation and casting choices aren’t the only way in which Sanctuary is groundbreaking.” – Hot Press

“This is an auspicious debut feature as a director from Len Collin.” – Film Ireland

Film of the Week: “Thoughtful, nuanced and fun, Sanctuary subverts received ideas about disability in its very approach to filmmaking.” – Sight & Sound


87 minutes

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