Run Lola Run

Directed by Tom Tykwer

The director of Wintersleepers pumps up the volume and picks up the pace with this energetic thriller. Run Lola Run mixes video, film, animation and numerous effects in a breathless MTV melange – without overshadowing the characters and their story.

Flame-haired Lola has 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life by replacing a missing bag full of illegal loot. Literally running, Lola responds, three times over.

Driven by techno tracks and taut editing, Run Lola Run delivers on all fronts. Potente is a wonderful in a rare role that allows a female to truly lead the narrative – with verve, wit and compassion. Run Lola Run has had a cultural impact – from German hairstyles to Hillary Clinton’s campaign bumper stickers.


“A hip, heart-pumping thriller punches its way out of the often dreary arthouse circuit, dragging with it a heap of festival awards. Become lost in Lola’s non-stop world – a slick mix of animation, film footage and video, with a hypnotic soundtrack.” Total Film


Sundance Film Festival 1999 – WINNER
– Audience Award World Cinema (Tom Tykwer)

Venice Film Festival 1998 nomination
– Golden Lion (Tom Tykwer)

BAFTAs 2000 nomination
– Best Film not in the English Language (Stefan Arndt, Tom Tykwer)


80 minutes

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