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Rose Plays Julie + Q&A

The latest film from Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor is a fascinating meditation on identity. Rose, an adopted child, is at university studying veterinary science. For as long as Rose can remember, she has wanted to know who her biological parents are and the facts of her true identity. Rose now has a name and a number. All she has to do is pick up the phone and call. When she does, it quickly becomes clear that her birth mother has no wish to have any contact.

A renewed and deepened sense of rejection compels her to keep going and she finally confronts her birth mother, Ellen. Ground down by her tenacity, Ellen is forced to reveal a secret she has kept hidden for over 20 years. This revelation forces Rose to accept the nature of how she came into existence. Brilliantly written, photographed and performed, this is a film that approaches perfection.

Tickets for all standard screenings will be on sale from 12pm Tue 14 Sep

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Event/ We will be joined by director Christine Molloy for a Q&A following the screening on Mon 20 Sep, 18:00.