Rosario Tijeras

Directed by Emilio Maillé

Based on the novel by Jorge Franco Ramos, ROSARIO TIJERAS is a bloody thriller about a female assassin (Martínez) with a painful past. Rosario seeks her revenge by becoming a paid killer for the drug cartels operating in Medellín. They say she kisses before she kills, but that doesn’t put off the two friends who both fall for her. But as Rosy says, it’s harder to love than to kill… Excellent performances from its young cast (and Liverpool’s own Alex Cox), a colour-saturated view of Medellín and a restless energy made ROSARIO the second-highest earner ever at the Colombian box office and earned it a nomination for best Foreign Spanish-language film at the 2006 Goyas.

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120 minutes


Country of origin:
Colombia and Mexico

Year of production: