Directed by Emanuele Crialese

Set on the sun-bleached island of Lampedusa, southwest of Sicily, the multiple-award-winning RESPIRO is a magic realist tale of one young mother’s fight to be herself. In the village, the small community follows unspoken but strict codes of behaviour. Beautiful young mother-of-three Grazia (Golino) is a local favourite until her free-spirited behaviour upsets her neighbours and family alike. Something must be done. Capturing the everyday rhythms of a small fishing village, the film is buoyed by excellent performances from both its star and the largely non-professional cast, with the stunning visuals revealing an island both entrancing and entrapping. Lampedusa is making news as adestination of the clandestini (boat people refugees).A second week of RESPIRO shows at Cornerhouse in the Autumn.

90 minutes

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