Raising Victor Vargas

Directed by Peter Sollett

A comic, sparky depiction of life, love and cojones, set in the Dominican community of New York’s Lower East Side. Adolescent Victor Vargas shares a cramped apartment with his family and considers himself the neighbourhood’s top ladies’ man. But a bad choice in girlfriend sullies Victor’s reputation. To regain it, he aims to win the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood, “Juicy Judy”. The film’s spicy true-to-life flavour comes from working with local non-professionals who collaborated on the ‘script’, improvising from their own experiences.Up FrontThu 25 Sep, following 8.40pm screening : A new series of regular informal discussions. Stay on for half an hour after this screening to give your opinion on the film and hear what the rest of the audience thought. Normal ticket prices apply

88 minutes

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