Queer narratives combine with dazzling artistry to stretch the imagination into fantastical animated worlds in this collection of amazing shorts. Working in a variety of styles, colours, and emotional frequencies, animators from across the globe use their palettes to create visually daring, wonderfully weird, and refreshingly frank stories that lovingly embrace all that is queer.

Films screening are:

Under Covers (Dir Michaela Olsen/US 2018/8 mins)
On the night of a lunar eclipse, we uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town, from a pigtailed psychopath to naughty nuns.

Reach The Sky (Dir Daniel Sterlin-Altman/CA 2018/6 mins)
Three friends on a car trip encounter a butch mermaid, Frida Kahlo, a fabulous companion, and also a sense of queer pride.

I Bleed (Dirs Bruno H Castro, Guto BR, Tiago Minamisawa/BR 2019/8 mins/Portuguese wEngST)
This intimate confession of a person living with HIV is inspired by a true story.

My Little Princess (Dir Hathaison Gerdprasert/US 2018/5 mins)
A father and daughter’s history flashes by as they dance on her wedding day.

Entropia (Dir Flóra Anna Buda/HU 2019/11 mins)
Vibrant colors illustrate this science fiction tale—winner of the Teddy Award for Best Short at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival—about queer relationships in a future without bras.

Docking (Dir Trevor Anderson/CA US 2019/4 mins)
Canadian provocateur Trevor Anderson infuses absurdist humour in his inventive and surreal approach to documentary, exploring his fears of dating through phalluses in space. Docking made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories (Dir Maggie M. Bailey/US CL 2019/14 mins)
This fun and sexy short, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, tells four naughty stories, highlighting each of the letters of BDSM: bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism.

Les Lèvres Gercées (Dir Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung/FR 2018/5 mins) 
Gender identity is on the table when a mother and child attempt to start a dialogue in their kitchen.

I Wait For The Night (Dir Arthur Chaumay/FR 2018/7 mins)
A discussion between two boys on the shores of an abandoned lake will force one of them to face his inner demons.

Mom’s Clothes (Dir Jordan Wong/US 2018/5 mins) 
Filmmaker Jordan Wong reflects on being out of the closet, gender, and his mother’s flight through the prism of the fabrics and patterns she wore.

Zoodio 54 (Dir Rodrigo Rodriguez/GB 2017/5 mins)
Two canine besties go out for a hot night in London’s wildest gay bar, but at the end of the night all they needed was each other.

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