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Prick Up Your Ears + Short Film

The newly restored Prick Up Your Ears, a celebration of outrageous British playwright Joe Orton’s irreverent and charismatic talent, starring Gary Oldman as Orton and Alfred Molina as his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, tells the controversial story of one of the young turks of the 1960s – from working class boy to national celebrity, from sexual innocent to grinning satyr, from penniless student to peer of the Beatles and icon of London’s swinging sixties. Orton made his success by mocking the rules of the establishment and lived his life ignoring them.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Unchechen

Unchechen is a new short film about the genocide of gay men in Chechnya that hopes to act as a call to action.  The three-minute film by Stephen M Hornby has been created by award-winning Inkbrew Productions and Digital Stage. It tells the harrowing story of the entrapment and interrogation of just one of the men who form the #Chechen100, based on accounts of men who have escaped. The response to an earlier stage version, commissioned by Take Back, was so strong it created the momentum to film the piece. The cast features Dean Gregory and Martin Green. #Unchechen.