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Preview/ Luz + short

What seems to be a tale of demonic possession morphs into something unclassifiable in director Tilman Singer’s debut feature.

A female taxi driver wanders dazed into a police station, setting in motion a chain of events where stories, lives and seemingly souls become entangled in a diabolical temporal fugue. There’s no making sense of it all but the experience is creepy and full-on, with many of the scares haunting the film’s immersive soundscape.

A brilliant, bewildering puzzle that comes fully alive in the cinema.


Short film screening alongside this feature film: Be Still My Beating Heart

Be Still My Beating Heart is the hyper-real portrait of a plagued woman who believes her heartbeat is too loud, who is afraid of her emotions and has pushed down the scream for years. Two adult sisters, Diana and Sarah, are existing dysfunctionally, each limited by illness – one physically and the other psychologically. The film is a nightmarish vision capturing one woman’s experience of anxiety.

Maxine Peak joins us on introduce the screening of Be Still My Beating Heart at 20:40.