Directed by Ed Harris

Actor Ed Harris turns director (and lead actor) for this robust portrait of the late painter whose ‘action’ paintings earned him celebrity status based heavily in controversy. Opinions varied: genius or con? Pollock was the first art star in the U.S. and a man who wrestled with demons and struggled for legitimate recognition. Yet one person always believed in him and fought for him – fellow painter and later wife Lee Krasner (Harden), who sacrificed her career to further his. The film focuses on the most dynamic and productive decade of Pollock’s life, 1941 – 1950, recreating the New York art world and its denizens, with a sprinkling of witty cameos and powerful performances all round.‘POLLOCK convincingly retails the beauty and originality of the painter’s best work – it may not be an intellectual adventure, but it does represent one.’ Village Voice, New York

124 minutes

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