Parent and Baby Screenings Jan – Apr 2022

Our Parent and Baby Screenings take place on the third Thursday of each month and are designed ONLY for parents, grandparents and carers of babies aged 12 months and under. Screenings are priced at our regular matinee ticket prices, with no charge for your baby.

Parent and Baby Screening films will be selected from the HOME film programme and will include new releases, seasonal programming and screenings from festivals such as ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival and all films for Parent and Baby Screenings will be certificates U / PG / 12A.

During our Parent and Baby Screenings we’ll make adjustments to the cinema environment to make it as convenient and comfortable for you and your baby. The sound will be at a lower volume and the lights in the cinema will be kept on throughout the screening at a dimmed level.

All Parent and Baby Screenings will begin at the advertised time without adverts or trailers.

Safety Measures
We have a number of measures in place at HOME for the comfort and safety of our visitors. Find out more here.