Oska Bright Shorts: Best of the Fest 2022

This Best of the Fest screening is a pick’n’mix of some of the highlights from Oska Bright 2022. This programme packs a punch and is a great way to see a little bit of everything and to help us celebrate Oska Bright Film Festival. Watch out for killer mattresses, unexplained sinkholes, and a grumpy old man. 

Films screening in this programme are: 

This is News Radio, Andrew Kavanagh, Australia, 2020 

Colin 19, Gemma Rigg, GB, 2020 

Can’t Stop Drawing, Matthew Green, GB, 2021 

Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot, Ray Jacobs, GB, 2020 

Things That Annoy Me, Wendy Belcher, GB, 2020 

Dancing to Art, Nadira Amrani, GB, 2019 

Mattricide, Gemma Rigg, GB, 2021 

Filters, Lianne Mackessy, Australia, 2020 

Down, Guy Harvey, GB, 2021 

Secret Life of Jim Henry, Ray Jacobs, GB, 2020 

Running With Trains, Ross and Ronnie Jameson, GB, 2021 

Da Humbug, Johnny Schumann, GB, 2020 

With less than 5% of disabled people working in the UK film industry, Oska Bright Film Festival is driven to make change happen. Working internationally with industry partners and funded by the BFI, our team produces the BAFTA and BIFA qualifying Oska Bright Film Festival, promotes accessible screenings, runs training for venues and develops skills for aspiring filmmakers. Oska Bright Film Festival puts people with learning disabilities or autism where they should be, on the big screen. Just under 700 films were submitted from 55 countries. This year at our festival we’ll be screening 80 films from around the world. 



Year of production:

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time

This is a Relaxed Screening.