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Zarauza has a wonderfully understated storytelling style, tackling the topical themes of economic crisis and the decimation of the Spanish building industry from an unusual perspective: that of Neneta (Lola Dueñas), a single mother attempting to hold her own as a construction worker. When she is abandoned by Wolf (Luis Tosar), the father of her child, she reluctantly returns to her hometown on the coast of Galicia. But as Neneta gently rebuilds broken relationships and fights to win the respect of her new colleagues, the shadow of the impending financial crash looms ever larger.

EVENT: We are pleased to welcome director Alfonso Zarauza for a Q&A following the screening on Fri 6 Mar.

Os Fenómenos is part of Wonder Women 2015. Manchester’s feminist festival returns from 1-31 March with debate, music, art, gigs, bike tours, football, stand-up literature and more. Over 35 organisations are taking part to shine a light on some of the incredible, creative and campaigning women working in Manchester today.

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