Nowhere in Africa

Directed by Caroline Link

Based on Stefanie Zweig’s autobiographical bestselling novel, NOWHERE IN AFRICA is the story of a Jewish family in 1938 that flees the Nazi regime for Kenya. In Germany, Walter (Ninidze) was a lawyer, in Africa he supports his family as caretaker on a remote farm. His wife Jettel (Köhler) misses friends and her comfortable bourgeois life and can’t adapt. But it’s their shy young daughter Regina (Kurka/Eckertz) who truly blossoms under the Kenyan skies, learning local customs and the language. News from Germany convinces them that they have made the right choice, but will the Redlichs ever feel at home in Africa?Winner of the 2003 Foreign Language Oscar and winner of 5 Golden Lola (German Film) Awards.

138 minutes

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