No Sos Vos, Soy Yo

Directed by Juan Taratuo

The biggest-selling local film in Argentina in 2004 and a huge hit in Spain, NO SOS VOS is a Woody Allen-esque comedy. Thirty-something Javier (Peretti) and his new bride María decide to leave Argentina for a better life in the U.S. She goes ahead whilst he wraps things up at home. On the brink of their reunion, Javier receives a call from María: she’s dumped him. Homeless, unemployed, depressed, Javier moves in with his parents. In an attempt to get his life back on track he sees a shrink, buys a puppy, meets new people. Just when he thinks he’s OK, he receives another shock.

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105 minutes


Country of origin:
Argentina and Spain

Year of production: