No Place to Go

Directed by Oskar Roehler

Based on the life of author Gisela Elsner (the director’s mother), NO PLACE chronicles one woman’s emotional downfall amidst one of the biggest events of the 20th century. When the Berlin Wall comes down, everybody is celebrating. Except the ageing Hanna, whose success as a communist author earned her a luxurious lifestyle in Munich. Cleopatra wig askew, eyes painted, and cigarette pointing, she heads to the reunified Berlin in search of her publisher and an understanding. But this is only the first fruitless stop on a trip that will take her around Germany and into her past. Emanating from an amazing performance from Elsner, this provocative and disconcerting film is shot in austere (and stunning) black and white.³What an outstanding performance from Elsner. There’s nothing to touchit in any other film around.² The Guardian (´´´´´)

100 minutes

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