New Directors

For over ten years the BFI’s NEW DIRECTORS scheme has funded a wide range of short films. Check out this final NEW DIRECTORS programme for the directing stars of tomorrow: 3 MINUTE WONDER (Lucy Baldwyn, 3 mins) is a comedy about a deserted lido and growing up; the erotically charged and visually seductive BABY (12 mins) by acclaimed pop promo director WIZ;THE ELEVATOR (Alrick Riley, 4 mins) is scripted by Lemn Sissay and is an exciting fusion of poetry and cinema;GOING GOING (Margaret Williams, 10 mins) is a nightmarish tale scripted by and starring Emily Woof; SHIFTING UNITS (Chris Cooke, 10mins) is a brutal comedy of salesmen and their lives;SHADOWSCAN (Tinge Krishnan, 12 mins) breaks the mould of hospital drama, with flashes of blackcomedy and horror; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (John Hardwick, 13 mins) is a grim fairy tale for the 21st century.

75 minutes