New Creatives North Showcase: Telling stories via film and audio

New Creatives North offers 16 to 30-year-old creators commission opportunities for video, audio and interactive works. A partnership between the BBC and Arts council, it is an exciting talent development scheme that offers opportunities for creators to be mentored by experienced artists to make new artistic works designed for BBC channels,

Join us for a screening and listening experience of works from the  scheme, followed by a Q&A with the artists and members of the producing team, where you can find more about the process behind making the pieces and how to get involved with New Creative North.

The programme includes


  • Afro Hair Rituals / Dir. Amber Akaunu / 03:46
    The intimate moment between a girl and her gran while getting her hair done
  • Before A Pack of Wild Dogs Eat My Face / Dir. Naqqash Khalid  / 06:59
    An intimate portrait of a man affected by grief unravelling emotionally and psychologically.
  • Full House / Dir. Jasmine Calland / 03:28
    A handywoman discovers the power of self-love when dancers interrupt her day of work.
  • It’s Raining It’s Pouring / Dir. Ronan Mackenzie/ 04:27
    Distant memories of the past are recalled as fleeting fragments by a man in his eighties
  • Justin, What Have You Done to Us? / Dir. Leanne Judge / 02:47
    Fragile, fantastic and fourteen. An ode to us, the girls who loved Justin Bieber.
  • So Perfect It Frightens Me / Dir. Alice Cornelia / 04:47
    A young boy becomes mesmerised by a glimmer of the peculiar on the edge of his town.
  • Songs of the City / Dir. Adelina Court / 03:35
    Celebrating urban bird song, a blackbird finds its voice in the streets of Manchester


  • A Fading Land / Giorgio Carlino / 05:26
    A sonic recreation of the evolution of nature from its very beginning to the present.
  • Chop Chop  / Afshan D’souza-Lodhi / 20:25
    Four Muslim women run a halal butchers shop and a murder takes place
  • HOME / Floreta Ojinnaka  / 01:56
    An exploration of mixed heritage, where do you call home if you come from so many places