My Old School

Directed by Jono McLeod

The year is 1993 and 16 year-old Brandon Lee is the new kid in school. Initially his classmates are wary of him; he’s too formal and clean-cut, but eventually he gains their trust and friendship. Within months he’s top of his class, impressing his teachers, even taking the lead in the school musical. He’s the model pupil until a trip abroad reveals that Brandon may be harbouring a secret… 

Filmmaker Jono McLeod returns to his old school for a nostalgic look at the strange but true story of his former classmate, Brandon Lee. Utilising playful, period-specific animation, a pitch-perfect soundtrack, the memories of students and teachers, and the talents of Alan Cumming to bring the tale to life, My Old School offers more than one surprise along the way. 


130 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: