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MSA Film Productions presents PAUSE Programme 1

MSA Productions is proud to present PAUSE, a celebration of the best films from final year filmmaking students at Manchester Metropolitan University. With two screenings and a wide variety of genres and stories on offer, there’s bound to be something that you will enjoy!

Booking will open on Mon 21 May.

Programme 1

Ominiscient – Dir. Christian Potter, 9:39 mins
New age advertisement company, Omniscient monitors members of the public through their technology as a means to advertise to them. Alice, an employee struggles to blur the lines between job and obsession as she is given a new couple to watch over.

Mouse Trap – Dir. Connor Matthews, 7:08 mins
An unwanted guest in a young mans flat triggers a series of distressing memories from his past. He decides to deal with these complex thoughts in the only way he knows best. Mouse Trap is a symbolic story about nostalgia, childhood and loss of innocence.

The Package – Dir. Leo Astudillo, 10:38 mins
James and his partner John have been transporting illegal goods for a while, but their morality is put to the test when a “package” they must transport turns out to be an underaged girl.

Sniff & Scandals – Dir. Danny Baker, 9:23 mins
A fourth wall breaking, witty dialogue, cocaine taking wannabe gangsters, that get the upper hand on Charlie Snap, who once upon a time, snapped some geezers leg with a cast iron frying pan. We follow T-Bone’s story, as he tries to plan and job within a job, while Inch & Edward try not to ‘F**k The Plan Up’ and become another cast iron victim of Charlie Snap.

Hestia – Dir. Sarah Palmer, 10:11 mins
A middle class stay-at-home single mum is faced with a dilemma when her seventeen-year-old son accidentally kills his girlfriend amidst an argument.

The Shirt Off My Back – Dir. Jack Sherratt, 9:37 mins
A portrait of the difficulties which face a single mother as she attempts to raise her two children in the backdrop of a punishing economic environment.

In Bloom – Dir. Jess Mone, 9:11 mins
A blossom flourishes, withers and is then reborn. A personal insight into the recovery of a young girl who sustained life-altering injuries in the Manchester Arena Attack in May 2017. The filmmakers explore the ways in which the incident has affected Hannah’s life and her positivity towards her physical and emotional recovery.

The Girlfriend Experience – Dir. Harry Coleman, 13:40 mins
An original musical that follows Ruby, an independent escort, addicted to the escapism of her work. When a new client comes into her life, asking Ruby to take on the role of his dead wife, a complex relationship quickly ensues.