Directed by Christopher Nolan

The second feature from the British writer-director of the low-budget London indie FOLLOWING is a beautifully crafted, psychological thriller that explores the potency of memory, loss, and revenge. Leonard Shelby (Pearce) is an enigmatic man with a mission – to seek revenge for the murder of his wife. The same attack destroyed Leonard¹s short-term memory and now he must rely on strange prompts and snippets of information (tattoos, Polaroid’s, charts, notes) to guide his quest – and his life. The labyrinth narrative structure ebbs and flows from present to past, black and white to colour, evoking the ephemeral quality of recall. “MEMENTO skewers comforting notions of identity and traditional narrative in a terrifying, compelling and astonishing display of filmmaking.” Production Noteswww.otnemem.comCourse screening please book early

113 minutes

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