Me You Them

Directed by Andrucha Waddington

Reputedly based on a true story, and starring a queen of Brazilian TV, ME YOU THEM is a mix of soap opera, neo-realist fable and sexual comedy. An unwed peasant mother (Casé) returns with her son to her native village to find her family extinct. She is rescued by marriage to a local old bachelor in search of cheap labour. Soon she bears another son (who doesn’t resemble daddy). The old man’s nephew moves in to manage the farm and a third son duly follows (also no resemblance). Then a handsome stranger arrives for the harvest and is asked to join the household. With its widescreen photography of dusty rural countryside and its Gilberto Gil soundtrack, this is a real treat, especially in the earthy performance of its leading lady. ‘An unexpected delight made and acted with intelligence and evident love, which deserves to be requited.’ New York Times

106 minutes

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