Más pena que gloria

Directed by Victor García

A bittersweet tale of adolescent frustration, MÁS PENA has earned García León a Goya nomination for Best New Director. Every day it seems that David (Duran, former child actor of THE TIT & THE MOON) is learning more about the stark realities of life. He’s a sensitive, introverted boy consigned to support Atlético de Madrid not Real (think City not United) and to live with a spectacularly dysfunctional family (including a pyromaniac granny). And then there’s sex. But above all there’s Gloria. Will the popular girl he worships always be beyond reach? Goya nominated for Best New Actor (Durán). + Treitum Dir Javier Ruiz 2000/01 15mins 10-year-old Blas lives in fear of being TREITUM. The leader of his gang lays down the laws: if you play with girls or aren’t for Barça, you’re TREITUM, with the ensuing consequences…

91 minutes

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